it is still
that give rise to all motion
the wave is the ocean
a mind is his belonging

She ride a bike and pull a cart
a rhinocerous star following the trail
that could never make the gas money

`cos it is wasted in the making
there is no outsideness to this bubble.

a white convertible & a heavy head of liquor
They were putting pedal to the metal & I to the rescue
Squid kitty was pulling money from the walls
And speak-in-C.I.A
Circle the
Squares......& [] yo ()

You concord & mek a clean settlement
With the roach sacrament & keep an impudent
Kiss till I return
Your babe is only an eye glass (tear drop) away

Bob has captured Me

Culture & gender
Race & age
I've got a 2 song gig
Down your avenue
& I wish I had your 2 face
I'll be different tonite
Like a blood wolf
To catch a silent
Green relief

I was with the ghost (spirit) of

The day is up with a hard on
& all the desires must be fulfilled
Pride, humility....... Time
All come to I in the Knowing

Kudos to the conquering crew
& the blue dog watch at the palace entrance
The black cat mouse in your morning
While you are mourning
It takes a good bud to get a clean taste
Of this life
But after making contac
The guilt is something you can't just
Roll away from

---what if you found out
All your beliefs about religion is wrong
And that "The Christ" remains a WORD

Yeah it is time for everything
- a thunder clasp in the stomach
- empty romances at every banquet
- quietude of the cemetery trees
- a big push for a lil' shit
cos we are all the angels and we are all the devils

2 tennis breast on the kidney
Will get the 'hole butter churned
Till there are no surprises

Against meism !
Towards the changing
Knowing is the very blemish
That'll barber the bearded mind
Attitude will linger longer
& we'll be lost in the search to find
That......there's no other....but
The let-go

W (alter) eEgo

Crash peanuts....don't break the rules
Neither bend the book
Cos you got the arrow
All these cars and no drivers
Your green port is not moving What's away from what's herslf
It's like a good sign of mojo meet maja
& you got that right !
We-got the #s tonite.....
It's a long john of a pig-out butter

Nite Hawk

Eleven finger Lebanese lesbian
Double the iraq and love starved automobiles
Michelle a
Drive-by shootist of the mind
With the action that gives women
Sad stories to tell
Today---a soil is liberated
Good lay ,good vibes
Kick it longer in the space Lolita
And get a lid to soften the atmosphere
Cos you've got your restriction too though

Primeco !

It's a beautiful summer
When angels build a mace
In our hearts & keep cats in a cage
Of their own knowledge
Despite all their rage

Schnowski power
While you're at it
Enquire about the tree with no roots
And the house built in the sand
Or the tree that bear no fruits or the
House on the rocks

What want have I to hate de I ?
My fellow in-mate

I rode the fast trax with Ghandhi
22 ways west, looked scarsm in the eyes
with a smile, gave me 6% of the share
I made the boss laugh with my food selection
dodging the sure bet for the sugar daddy &
antebellum south, the disguise is dreadlocks
he's a good friend whose name I don't even know
& for 2 face Sarah, I had a broken fork & I fueled
my hoopti with my urine,crashed a Mexican fiesta
with pan-handling pinyanta, they hate the black stains
but can't get rid of it's in your face attitude, every contact
rubs the wrong way.
So I did a slow march with my pony, presenting no arms
no salute in the direction of home, I did a double take with
gunnison & still the 2nd door won't let you in....but here's a
$2 bill & a smile to soothe your twisted ambition..... & still
the mayans kept calling with offers, the Don & I split a bowl
of guacamole, be careful the patient one in the room is the mole
the language here is marshall & we spoke it well.......
another double skank 2x.... seems the way in is the only road out

& you don't forget the cat food

No matter how much the tempter grow
No thing can buy I
cos we're free.....wise I
april, may thru june....morning thru noon
I've been struggling to get this message to you
drawing inergy from the whole so nothing can't
be broken.....broken inclusive !!
we bear the capacity to retain in minimals so
profoundity prevail in abundance


All that is said have not been said
& all that have not been said have been said
What makes activity ?
Aaah ! the search for the source of activity
if it's not activity itsel.....

we were never lost
& we were always lost
cos we ain't got no where
to go
clarity is the home of knowing

I am all desire
wanting not to want

been there ,done that
was there when some sitting well
lenses & senses
dim, dark, grey & cold as there's
no reason to you
as there is no meaning to I
emptiness is the almighty

yes the joy of having no want
but all I need are my wants & there be plenty

the fortress(perfect) dog wears the crown of the night
'have to know how to get to your ites
guise & spies playing games cos you woke up from
the everliving sleep.....
coming is always
so why do we even try to get to ourselves ?

all action is mind
mark ye well the bulwark
in her palaces

We must clean ourselves with dirt wash can't away
& take the likes of the December flakes of the morning
droplets in april-zimbabwe
Twin brain
We collect money , other people's money from the salvation
Army to the court-homes,
we have scape hoofs & preying radars
snake shores with no milestones
Twin brain
& more time I am the easy fined.

a carful of clowns
inside the other side o'er the sun
the painter is the joker(picture)
who parted with the grand prix

got Thursday nights
50 something degrees in ma pocket
but flaggers are hiding in empty bottles
what's a rat to do
fly on a broken wing
catch a lovers nap at the people

Arizona gensing
Minesotta water
But they have been ignoring
My left hand signal

2 Rio W 2
Roto 20

They're a gift for the horses nose
The noise of peace

heat from the back sting & stink
while we help a potato head get his
electronic spies beautified
a one insurance pillow on a willow
a one wombman inviting anxiety with
a gentle gesture thru the walk & pepper
stick smokes
a one on damen walking the ceiling
2 for-mights for a reward with feet firmly
Planted on the floor
Life is an energy that is all action
Where friends in higher places pull strings
At the red light by kicking tomorrow where it hurts

She waddles & pimps
& cushion kisses in deep breadth
a minority head puss
credited with our cheap logic
to a 3rd level jnani
independent in pulp enchantments
for her continues unabated

48 in the rain
Babylonians up ahead
& am riding a fibre train with
Irie Jane
& we're down with the angel
7points we n joy
a hand shake on the vote
for tomorrow we make a president
Los Perote