• Kwamekaze

Musician and poet Kwame "Akompreko" Bediako credits his musical upbringing to his elders and his general environment of his home back in Ghana (West Africa), where his roots first blossomed.

"Back at home there was always drumming, singing, and dancing. Traditionally almost everyone can sing and dance so embracing the professional idea was a slower process, but most things happen empirically anyway," says Kwame.

In addition to his heritage/culture and elders, Kwame also attributes his musical talents and stage presence to Bob Marley and Tom Waits, two of his biggest musical influences. Kwame and his band, Wan Afrika, exudes positive energy in their live performances, while simultaneously addressing the joys and sorrows of humanity within the music. From this Kwame has earned another moniker as Africa's High Priest of Roots Reggae.
"To educate and entertain is the goal. We are proponents of the knowledge of the self, and we advocate a One Africa. We are taking learning beyond the traditional classroom. The Akans say 'Yeenom nsa na yee fa adwen.'"

The band has performed throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, his homeland Ghana, and with the 2012 United Nations sponsored "International Year of People of Afrikan Descent" (IYPAD) tour. Kwame has shared the bill with notables like the Wailers, Third World, Mutabaruka, Pato Banton, Sonny Ade, Wailing Souls, Sonny Okusun and many others. Kwame has been the recipient of many industry awards and honorable mentions including: Martin International's Chicago Reggae Music Awards "Best Artist" and "Most Culture-Oriented Band.".