• Kwamekaze

How Sweet It is The releases of our 25th Anniversary Edition 'How Sweet It Is' and Special Edition CD 'Forward Ever' are now available for download on iTunes, or on our Store. Not just re-prints, these songs have been re-recorded and remixed over the last several years with the participation of some of reggae's finest including Sidney Mills of Steel Pulse, Georges Kouakou of Alpha Blondy and Junior Marvin of the original Wailers. The evolution of Kwame Bediako as a great reggae artist is evident in the results and well worth a listen.

Kwame performs original retro-roots reggae with a modern sensibility. To educate and entertain, he intertwines the music, singing, dancing,and drumming he observed while growing up in Ghana, West Afrika. His awareness of culture and keen poetic sense, combined with many musical influences, make Kwame a formidable presence.

"I feel education goes beyond the classroom. We try to bring culture to the people. We try to teach the knowledge of the self," Kwame says. He hits the stage and lets you know that the African Roots Ambassador is here. He sings of the joys and sorrows of humanity, never forgetting his humility. Kwame has performed throughout the world sharing the bill with notables like Third World, Mutabaruka, Wailing Souls, Sonny Ade, Sonny Okusun, Pato Banton and many more.